Come join us at the Dads’ Club Meet & Greet @ Crust on October 5th.

Dads’ Club organizes the annual Movie Night, Daughter Dance, and Field Day, as well as Dads’ Mornings in the Classroom and Dads’ Lunches.

This year look for the following Dads’ Club events: (Dates may change – please check back)


Dads’ Lunch: October 10th, May 24th

Dads’ Morning in the Classroom: November 9th (K-1)

January 26th (2-3)

**DATE CHANGE **April 27th (4-5)

June 4th (6)

Dads’ Club Movie Night: February 2nd

Daughters & Dates Dance: March 2nd

Field Day: June 11th

Please sign up to volunteer at Ocean Air Field Day:

For more information or to volunteer with Dads’ Club, contact Iza or Sameer at