2017 Candy Drive flyer

Bring your excess, unopened Halloween Candy to school and drop it in one of our collection bins in front of the school at morning drop-off on Nov 2nd-3rd 2017. All donated candy will be included in care packages that Operation Gratitude sends to American troops overseas. Operation Gratitude annually sends care packages to troops deployed overseas to lift their spirits and meet their needs.

They also encourage letters/notes/drawings telling our troops that “We Care”. Our children will be working on these notes in class. The notes and candy, along with other essentials, go in care packages to add a smile to a U.S. Soldier and show our gratitude for all that they do!

Operation Gratitude accepts all kinds of candy with a few exceptions as noted here:

  • Please do not send Pixie Styx or any other powered candy. It is inevitable that they break open and destroy everything in the care packages. They also do not accept any perishable products ie: caramel Apples or any other dipped fruit or any homemade treats like popcorn, Rice Krispy Treats etc.
  • No potato chips. They just end up being potato dust after being stuffed into their very full care packages.
  • Finally, all candy MUST be factory wrapped and labeled. They do not send any types of handmade popcorn, cookies, etc. They will be stale before they get to our troops and we can not assure those who receive them what the ingredients are. This is critical for people with food allergies.

Contact Suchita Jariwala at suchita.jariwala@gmail.com  or Alison Gaconnet at agaconnet@mac.com for any questions or to volunteer with packing candy.