The Imagination Machine is a school assembly program that celebrates our students’ writing through a performance of their short stories. A group of professional actors will select a small number of stories among those submitted by our students and bring them to life!

If your student would like to submit a story, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Each story must have the student’s full name, grade level, and teacher’s name.
  2. Stories can be from 1-2 sentences, up to (but not exceeding) two pages in length, on paper no larger than 8.5×11.
  3. Please avoid using specific prompts. Variety, creativity, and imagination are highly encouraged.
  4. Every story that is submitted for performance will be photocopied. Please be sure that original will be legible once photocopied.
  5. All grade levels are encouraged to participate. Stories may be written individually or by a collaboration of two or more authors.
  6. Please no books, book reports, essays, lists, or scripts

The deadline for submitting stories is APRIL 11, 2022 end of day. Unfortunately any late submissions will not be included. Stories may be turned in to your student’s teacher or dropped off outside the front office in the Imagination Machine box.

Remind your child that if their story is selected, they will have the unique opportunity of watching their story come to life with the help of the Imagination Machine actors!

Questions? Email Nina Dhillon