imagination_machine_logoThe Imagination Machine is a children’s theater company which preforms skits based on stories written by our very own Ocean Air students. Students laugh and giggle as the actors using mime, dance, song and action, bring the stories to life.  The Imagination Machine is a fun-filled event that our students enjoy and look forward to year after year at Ocean Air School.

To submit a story, your child must follow these guidelines:

  1. Each story must have the student’s full name, grade level, and teacher’s name.
  2. Stories may be written individually or as a collaboration of two or more students.
  3. One story per student, please.
  4. Stories may be brief (few sentences or a maximum of two pages in length). Please use 8 ½ x 11” paper.
  5. There will only be 3-4 performers, although actors can double on parts, keep characters to a minimum.
  6. Subject matter must be appropriate. No excessive violence or bathroom humor will be accepted.
  7. Do not submit book reports, lists or essays.
  8. Do not write in script format.
  9. Creativity and imagination are highly encouraged!

Stories may be turned in to your student’s teacher or dropped off at the front office in the Imagination Machine box. Remind your child that if their story is selected, they will have the unique opportunity of watching their story come to life with the help of the Imagination Machine actors! (Note: Parents of  students whose stories are selected will be invited to watch the Imagination Machine assembly.)

For more information, contact Amy Gibson at