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  • Throughout the year Ocean Air Teachers create enriching and educational celebrations for their students.
  • Celebrations take place in the classroom and include educational crafts, games, healthy snacks and treats.
  • Celebrations are planned and implemented by your Room Parent. This person volunteers his/her time to organize these events.
  • In the past, supplies and donations were collected via multiple sign-ups or paid for out of pocket by the Room Parent.
  • This year, we are trying something new! We are asking for a optional one-time donation per child to cover the cost of these celebrations.
  • Funds collected for your classroom stay in your classroom. And, at the end of the year, any unused funds are donated back to the school.

Classroom Fund Donations are optional and all students will be included, regardless of contribution.

If you would like to give an amount other than the suggested donation, or you would like to write a check, please contact Caroline Davis at davis.caroline@gmail.com

Note: Ocean Air PTA has reduced the PTA Membership Fee and the Birthday Book Club request in consideration of this new donation request.