November 4 to 8, 2019

Red Ribbon Week at Ocean Air is a week dedicated to celebrating healthy choices and encouraging good character among our students. During this week, activities are planned that highlight the benefits of making good choices, including the impact on health and well-being, and the importance of always exhibiting good character at school, at home, and in our greater community.

Here’s the schedule at a glance:

  • Monday: BE COMFORTABLE IN YOUR HEALHY CHOICES! Wear your pajamas and dream of a bright future. Bring in your Halloween Candy to donate to Operation Gratitude.
  • Tuesday: PLEDGE TO MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES!  Wear RED and join hands to pledge for healthy choices. Bring in your Halloween Candy to donate to Operation Gratitude.
  • Wednesday: GET REaDy, SET, GO…! Wear RED and pump your heart with a workout during morning recess.
  • Thursday: ROCK YOUR SOCKS AND MAKE GOOD CHOICES! Wear your crazy socks and express yourself with good choices. Bring a healthy snack.
  • Friday: JUMP INTO TEAM SPIRIT! Wear your favorite Team Jersey or Ocean Air Spirit wear. Kids receive an organic fruit at snack recess, generously donated by Jimbo’s Naturally!

To learn more or help with activities, contact Sanjana Dhruv at or sign up at

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