Running Club is held throughout the school year on Mondays & Thursdays during lunch recess on the Ocean Air Field. Parent volunteers make this program a success! If you are interested in volunteering for or have any questions please contact Lise Cartoni at Parents can volunteer regularly or just whenever you can make it, from 11:30am-12:45pm.


  • Students run laps with friends
  • Students record progress and set goals
  • Students earn prizes, certificates, trophies, and medals
  • Students have fun and get healthy!

Students may join any Ocean Air Running Club at any time and may attend as often or as little as they wish. Running Club is completely optional and is a great way to spend time with friends and stay active!


NEW This year – Ocean Air PTA is partnering with UCSD to provide an amazing Community Service opportunity to our kids in Running Club. 

Introduction of UNICEF Kid Power Bands during Running Club

Purpose: To provide a group community service opportunity to Ocean Air students as they continue to stay active and healthy.

Participants: 1st to 6th graders participating in Running Club on Monday and Thursday

Duration: Monday, Oct 16th 2017 to Thursday, May 17th 2018 (47 Running Club sessions)

How does this work? When participants wear the UNICEF Kid Power bands while running, every step they take gets converted into Kid Power Points that unlock lifesaving packets of Ready-to-Use therapeutic food (RUTF) for malnourished kids around the world.

2400 steps -> 1 Kid Power point. 10 Kid Power Points -> 1 packet of RUTF. 150 RUTF packets -> 1 LIFE SAVED!

Students are randomly selected on a first-come-first-serve basis to wear a Kid-Power band, as we have only 25 bands. Bands need to be returned at the end of each session. Parent volunteers will try to ensure each child gets a turn over the duration of the program. A parent volunteer will sync these bands weekly with the UNICEF Kid Power App that calculates points and food packets earned by Ocean Air Running Club, as a group. Food packets are then delivered by UNICEF to severely malnourished kids.

Note: The bands do not track location or have access to any location data or personal information. Participation is completely voluntary.

To learn more about the UNICEF Kid Power Program, please visit their website at

This video will provide a brief introduction on what these bands are and how wearers can help other children around the world – “Joining the UNICEF Kid Power Team with Alex Morgan”