say-cheeseTips to help your child get ready for a great-looking school portrait you’ll treasure forever! 

  1. Help your child pick out clothes/colors that look good on them. After all, your child is the star of the photo—not the shirt, so avoid slogans, logos, and big patterns. Small jewelry/accessories are fine but nothing too big or distracting.
  2. Glasses are okay! Photographers know all the tricks to reduce glare.
  3. Any hairstyle works for Picture Day. Schedule haircuts a few weeks ahead of time to allow hair to grow back a little, or you can go for a fresh-cut look.
  4. Keep kids relaxed and ready to be themselves. Smiles can look fake if they’re practiced ahead of time.
  5. Don’t worry about everything being perfect. That hair that always sticks up or a missing tooth shows your child just as they are right now—and you’ll enjoy looking back on that for years to come. On Picture Day, teachers and volunteers will help straighten collars and check posture.

That’s it! Our experienced photographers are pros at making a fun and worry-free Picture Day. Classic School Portraits by Gerardy Photography.

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